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If you want to push your business to the next level, you’re in the right place. Digispotkenya is your one-stop guide for everything Digital Marketing. We broadly cover topics on SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing,  and Social Media Marketing. We’re always here to help you achieve your online marketing dreams

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Digital marketing begins with owning a website. It is the foundation for any long lasting engagement on the web. Learn how to build a website step by step with our simple guide

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Rank high on search engines with our comprehensive SEO strategies, tips and tricks. Learn all our SEO hacks that get EPIC results. Get to know latest Google ranking factors

Content Marketing

Do you want to produce high quality, valuable, and helpful content for your readers? If you do, don't miss our amazing content marketing eBooks and articles

Email Marketing

Build your email list to incredible proportions using our comprehensive email marketing guidelines that will give you all the necessary tools for success


Are you interested in starting a blog and you don't know how? Start a profitable blog today using our detailed posts, eBooks and Checklists.

Web Design

Create clean, attractive, easy to navigate blog designs that will attract more readers to your site and generate more leads

Affiliate Marketing

Want to start earning a passive income online? Get started with our in-depth affiliate marketing posts and eBooks

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Digital marketing in Kenya

Start my own blog

I want to create a platform where I can express myself  and make money. Read our popular post on How to start a blog step by step for beginners

Cost of SEO in Kenya

Master SEO

I want to boost my blog traffic by getting ranked on Google and other search engines. Grab the free SEO Checklist that will bring you EPIC results

Digital marketing in Kenya

Build my email list

I want to grow my email list and make money. Find out how you can grow your list to epic proportions using our proven strategies

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We started this site with the aim of helping others succeed in digital marketing. Here, we help motivated people create their own blogs, increase site traffic, and grow their earnings exponentially with our comprehensive, well researched articles. We also assist those who would like to make a living online. Our mission is to help people reach their maximum potential online. We want our clients to lead the pack in their niche of choice

Digital marketing in kenya

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Bluehost is a popular web hosting service recommended by WordPress. It’s incredibly easy to set up a new site using Bluehost.  It’s also really affordable ($3.95/month). Get Started with Bluehost Today


GetResponse is an amazing email marketing service provider that is user friendly, making it easy to build your email list fast. You also get a FREE 30 Day Trial(No credit card required) Get Started with GetResponse Today



Canva is a free, popular tool for graphic design. It has great pre-made templates that will cut your design time in half. There really isn’t a much better tool for designing your blog graphics than Canva 

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We write each blog post after doing comprehensive research. That’s because we want to offer our readers the best content. Our posts are informative, helpful, valuable, and in-depth. They contain actionable information that will help you with your digital marketing strategy

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